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Just the two of us, Ted Fox and Martyn Botfield. We've been colleagues and friends for 20+ years and we both think another 20 sounds pretty good...


Dancing Plover

We're often asked about the origin of the name, Dancing Plover Farms.  Funny story.  For many years, Martyn grew veggies at the Hugh Cargill Community Garden, in Concord.  Each spring, a plover would nest in the garden and raise her little flock of dancing chicks.  As they grew older, she would put them through their flying drills above his veggies - back-and-forth they would go.  It made Martyn think of his daily train commute to Boston and how he would prefer to spend his time in the garden watching the dancing plover chicks.  A name was born.


Yes, you observant ornithologists are correct: plovers don't nest in Concord.  But Martyn didn't know that at the time and was of pure intention. It was only later that we learned the misidentified bird was actually a woodcock.  We thought it wise to stick with plover.

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