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Dancing Plover Organic Farms

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Dancing Plover Farms

Dancing Plover Farms was conceived in the minds of two long-time friends while commiserating about the daily commute to Boston.  We loved our careers, but wanted more sunshine, more blue skies, more birds chirping and insects buzzing.  We wanted more life!  We both loved our gardens and growing veggies for our families and friends. Why not do it on a larger scale? So we calmed our anxious wives, acquired a tractor (or two) plus 12 beautiful acres of rich farmland in Boxborough, MA and exited our careers.  A dream was born! 


Organic Cultural Practices

No GMOs.  No pesticides, no herbicides.  No synthetic fertilizers or soil amendments.  We grow our veggies the safe and old fashioned way, using composted manure, soil-enriching cover crops and careful crop rotation to reduce insect pressure.  We call these Organic Cultural Practices because they encompass far more than the USDA rules for organic certification.  They represent behaviors and beliefs about growing healthy, pure food while preserving and improving the fertility of the land. Yes, we have a few more weeds than conventional farms that spray everything with poisons. Yes, it takes more labor to produce veggies using organic cultural practices.  And, yes, we sweat a lot.  We're OK with that.   

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